Cici J Testimony


Peace and greetings to you!

I was born in Sacramento California the middle child of 5 children. My parents were from Detroit Michigan but Moved to California for a different life. I grew up in what most would consider would be a severely dysfunctional family. I was exposed to many things as a young child that I will never forget.  My parents had a strained relationship. My mother try as she might could not hold our family together. My father was abusive and was addicted to heroin. He spent the majority of our lives behind bars. Finally, my mother in attempt to escape took her children and moved back to Detroit.

We were raised with little to nothing and moved all over town my mother has bouts with major depression that left her incapacitated for days. We lived in shelters, many times we didn’t have any food running water or heat. There was no structure, school attendance was not necessary.  I soon became the mother of the household. My mother fell deeper and deeper into her depression.  The only thing that seemed to bring her out from her pain was her faith in God.

My mother was a convert from Jehovah’s witness and deeply rooted in her faith. With seemingly nowhere to turn and no Male role model she became involved in a church of which the pastor was manipulative and corrupt Yes I am a victim of “church hurt”. Despite all of the red flags we remained under this corrupt indoctrination for years. Still at a young age I had the love of God dep inside me and served in the church in many ways I sang, danced and laid hands on people. I was always called to ministry.

My father after his bouts with drug abuse came to Detroit to be a part of our lives at the age of 15. He was sick but I had no idea how sick I made my peace with him. Soon after my mother was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. My father had heart failure. By this time my mother had realized that she was under the wrong church and we began to go to a different church.  This church was different in every way and even paid a partial scholarship for me to go to school and gave me my first computer. This restored my faith in church for a while. My parents started to attend church together and lived out the remainder of their lives as friends. I graduated from Mumford High school and went on to Eastern Michigan University.

My freshmen year of college is when my father died. Not even one year later my mother died in the middle of my sophomore year. I decided to take in my little sister and raise her as my own. This is where I began to stray in my walk with God. For the first time my faith began to waver. I started to research different religions and was completely lost. I began to smoke weed, cigarettes and drink heavily. I slipped into a depression.

Through this time, I had a close friend, my friend she saw the change in me from the girl who used to read the bible every day and was so devout to one who was confused in every way and swimming in a sea of misinformation about religion and about life. Seemingly lost from all salvation. She was longsuffering with me and seemingly had so much patience with me, she helped me to see things for what they were and she slowly began to help me in perusing my truth and dispelling many of the lies I had been told through the years that had me confused on what to believe.  God used her to spark the change in me. Finally, I began to reclaim what I lost, my desire to know my heavenly father in the best way, the relationship I thought I lost but all along he sent people my way to redirect me because he knew the calling I had for my life; even when I didn’t see it. To my dear friend Whitney, I will be forever grateful!

The final step in my journey back to Christianity came through a man I didn’t know. One day I ran into a young man his name was Joshua. He told me That he could see the light of Christ in me. Told me that there was something standing in the way of my breakthrough He told me about my life my past, my parents, my hurts and that everything in my life was about to shift.  What he did not know was that seed he planted in me, that final nudge, those few words of encouragement was just what I needed to hear at that time that brought me back from the path of destruction.

In  January 2015, I moved to San Antonio Texas to begin my career in case work. I am happy to say that I am totally clean from marijuana and totally in love with my Heavenly Father..  My desire is to be that person, that long-suffering person, that person who God uses to spark the change for your return back to him. He never leaves us he is always there but sometimes we feel more distant from him due to us moving further away from him due to our shame from sin. I promise you it does not have to be that way. I am a living testimony that God will meet you right where you are.  I still have my struggles just like everyone else; however, this story has a happy ending! I’m happily married and raising well-rounded and healthy children that have everything I wanted as a little girl and more.  I’m on the path to further my career and setting new goals with each goal I accomplish. Most importantly I’m doing work for my savior and I wholeheartedly believe that this is my passion and my life’s work. After 30 years I found my purpose.

Somebody ought to tell him thanks!