Testing the Spirits; Avoiding the Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing


Testing the Spirits

Have you ever heard a word from God or received a prophetic word from an individual and it Not come to pass? you are left discouraged, upset, and lost in a pit of confusion.

I have been there before and I am here to ask you; are you sure that word was from God?

This is a very important lesson so pay attention. Every voice you hear even if it may seem like it’s from God may not be form God; sometimes it is the Father of all lies sent to confuse and discourage you.

For this reason we are to test the spirits. You may be asking yourself “what does that mean?”

1John 4:1

“Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God,

because many false prophets have gone out into the world.”

The reason for the admonition to “test the spirits” or “test all things” is that there are

“Many false prophets” or “wolves in sheep’s clothing” that try to lead Christians astray. Sadly,

there are many people who claim to speak for God who are presenting a false gospel that is powerless to save.

Jesus warned in Mt.7:15-16, “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.

You will know them by their fruits…”

You must pray for spiritual discernment before accepting any indoctrination. Another way to test the spirits is to get into scripture for confirmation. God will not tell you to do something that dos not align with his word. This is imperative. Get a bible that you can understand. People will discredit the Christian Faith by stating the fact that the bible has many translations, well this is true and I’ll be the first to say thank the heavens that they do!

For they all deliver the same message and share the same fundamental beliefs the language may be different but the scriptures say essentially the same thing. You wont be able to find scriptures that contradict one another from one translation to the next.  The fact remains that people learn in different capacities and therefore need different methods of which to get their message. I personally relate better to the New International Version. I can understand what is being said and I can apply it to my life in a better way. After all, we all don’t learn the same exact fashion do we?

Every voice that you hear in your head is not always God so you have to be able to discern what is God, what is your inner voice, and what is coming from the author of confusion, Satan. In the bible, the devil disguised himself as an angel of light. This is how some false prophets are able to operate. I for one have been deceived by this voice before. Now that I know how to test the spirits this will never happen to me again.



There are ways that you can discern what voice you are hearing.

If it is God what he is saying will be confirmed. God does not want you to be confused he has sent us the spirit of a sound mind therefore he will send confirmation after confirmation either through people to confirm what he is trying to tell you.

Another way that you will know if it is the father is by speaking to him on a daily basis. The more you develop a relationship with the father, the better your ability to recognize his voice. When your mother, your sister or your best friend calls your phone, no matter if they call from a new or private number, immediately you recognize the tone and inflections of their voice and can identify them. The same goes for our heavenly father. Though his voice may not even be an audible one, I have heard some describe it as a whisper, for me it’s more like an impression of the word followed by the vision of the actual word in my head if that makes sense. The point is I know his voice.

Recently I asked a friend how does she test the spirits and she had an awesome response. Whenever she hears a word from God, she immediately asks that voice in her head “Did Jesus Christ Come in the flesh?” If the answer is “Yes” then she knows that it is God.

I now use that as a way to Test the spirits in a way.  I know that the devils biggest attack on our life is to make us believe that Christ does not exist and wants to discredit him at every chance he gets therefore he will not give credit where credit is due.

Most importantly God sends us a helper, the Holy Spirit to confirm things. When I am speaking a word from God or hearing a word from God I will feel the presence of the Holy Spirit all over me.  You may ask “What is the Holy Spirit?” Again to different people it can be different things, for me its goosebumps all over my body or tears of joy, sometimes its uncontrollable urge to shout out to God, or trembling and the energy to run across the room or dance.  In all things honor and acknowledge him and he will counsel you.

Somebody ought to give him thanks


Overcoming a Spiritual Attack


We all have had those days, where it’s one thing after another. Murphy’s Law is everything that can go wrong will, right?


You just may be under a spiritual attack. The weapons of warfare are not carnal. “We do not battle against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers.” Ephesians 6:12. Here are some things you can do while you are under attack;

“Put on the whole armor of God that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil”

Read Gods word! Sometimes the answer that you need may be somewhere in scripture and often times he will lead you to the specific scripture that you need.

The book of Ephesians speaks many times on how to cover yourself from daily spiritual attack.

Stand firm with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, the breast plate of righteousness in place, and with your feet fitted with the readiness that come from the gospel of peace. In addition to all this take up the SHIELD OF FAITH with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one and take on the helmet of salvation and the sword of the spirit which is the word of
God.” Ephesians 6:10-17

Repent, sometimes you need to ask God to reveal to you any behavior past or present that would allow an open door to an attack. Sometimes a fast and consecration is in order just make sure that you only tell who it’s absolutely necessary to tell (fast in secret) so that you don’t receive your reward in full. What that means is that announcing that you are fasting can be a source of bragging or boasting. When you do that the whole purpose of the fast is taken away because God wants you to be humble.

One of my favorite defenses against a spiritual attack is complete and total praise. I cannot emphasize this to you enough; praise will bind, confuse and break the enemy. Your deliverance and healing is in your praise. When you praise God, you are focusing on him and letting it be known that you are not worried about a specific circumstance. You know that our heavenly father will get his glory out of it.

Many times we worry and stress ourselves out over things that God is already handling in the background. Jesus said “do not be anxious for tomorrow because tomorrow has enough anxiety on its own and by worrying are you able to allow one extra minute to your life?” God does not want you to doubt. You can find scriptures similar to  be not afraid 365 times in the bible. That’s a clear indication that he wants you to put your trust in him and operate your faith every single day.  By worrying you are allowing fear and doubt into your life and god has not given us the spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind. Worrying puts limitations on an all-powerful and limitless God.

Remember that the race is not given to the swift nor the strong, but the one who endures to the end.

Somebody ought to thank him


Who do you believe in?

Who do you believe in?

Would you say that ISIS properly represents the Muslim faith?

Would you say that by that logic than anyone who holds the Muslim belief is foolish because of ISIS and the shedding of innocent blood?

By no means!

Those individuals who are misrepresentations of Muslims. I know for sure Muslims do not believe in the shedding of innocent blood.  Nor do they want to be associated with ISIS.

So can this same logic be applied to 17th century Slave masters?

Absolutely! A terrorist is a terrorist.

Faith Defense Ministries was placed here for those who want to seek out Christianity or get a better understanding of what they believe.  By all means if you don’t believe in our faith we love and accept you regardless.

One should never be made to feel bad or personally insulted for the things of which they believe.

It’s fair to say that slave owners in the 17th century were speaking for themselves and not for all Christians and did not have a comprehensive understanding of what Christianity means. I’m sure the free labor was motivation enough to confuse and manipulate individuals.

Although these things did happen to our people and we must never forget the tragedies that occurred and aftershock and effects on our culture. We must understand that there is a separation of someone who misuses and abuses their belief system to gain leverage over people and the actual fundaments of Christianity.

The moral of this story is your faith should never lie on the actions of an individuals, a group of individuals or a systematic oppression system. Know the difference between faith in God and faith in man.

Somebody ought to tell him thanks


Dont Give Up!


Don’t Give Up!

Have you ever been on the path of enlightenment, peace, or stability and then BAM suddenly everything that can hit you comes out of nowhere and you wonder what you could have done to bring about the seven plagues of the world onto your life.

Ok not really the 7 plagues, but sometimes it feels like it.

Jesus spoke on parables to the people because he knew that not everyone can understand the word of God. It’s important to not only read the word, but to have knowledge, wisdom and understanding in order to fully apply it to our lives.one of my favorite parables is about the planter who planted seed in different grounds. There was a planter who sewed seed on rocky ground on fertile ground and on ground with thorns. As the word says, the sower goes out to plant seed and some of the seed lands on rocky soil. Because of this the plant was not able to take root into the soil it immediately sprouts up and is withered away by the sun. This parable refers to the ones that hear the word and receive it with joy but as soon as persecution befalls them they are discouraged and falls off. So many times we go to church or receive a prophetic word and feel all charged up for the lord and encouraged on Sunday, but as soon as trouble comes along we forget that we are more than conquerors.

See Jesus knew that as soon as you draw nearer to him that you put yourself in harm’s way of the enemy… Why? Because the enemy knows that you are being guarded with the weapons to bring damage to his kingdom so he wants to discourage you. How many of us know that as soon as you draw yourself closer to God that is exactly the moment when everything that can go wrong in your life probably will. That’s the enemy. I have experienced and conquered many spiritual attacks just recently with the launch of Faith Defense Ministries.  But guess what…THE BLOOD OF CHRIST ALWAYS PREVAILS!!!

We must be diligent. We must be like the seeds that were planted on good soil. Seed that will take root and sprout and grow in ways that we cannot even imagine. Trust me, I know how difficult it is sometimes to see the light at the end of the tunnel. When my life seems the most bleak I remember that “All things are working for my good” and God is not a man that he should lie.  This is why we are instructed to put on the full armor of God. We are in spiritual WARfare. It won’t always be easy, but we must arm ourselves and abide under the shadow of the almighty or  else we will wither away Just as the plant that was sewn on rocky ground.

Somebody ought to tell God thanks


Am I a Christian?



Am I a Christian? This is a common question that is often uncomfortable to ask and answer for many people.

This question is sometimes asked and answered negatively; however, there should be a simple answer for the believer.


The Christian faith gets a bad rap. Many people believe that the bible is imperfect and that it is “the white man’s religion.” Many people forget that Christianity is about love, forgiveness, and mercy. If you experience (or want to experience) any of these things perhaps you should take a deeper look into being a Christian.

A Christian is a follower of Christ. Let’s erase race. Let’s erase the connect of the Bible to history. On a fundamental level: Do you need forgiveness when you do the wrong thing? Do you want to experience love beyond boundaries? Do you want others to treat you kindly even when you may not deserve it? Do you want to be treated fairly? Do you have needs that need to be met?

If your answer is “yes” to any of those questions, then perhaps Christianity is for you. Many people say they are not Christian because they do not believe in a certain Church; however, the Bible says, “for even as the body is one and has many members, and all the members of the body, though they are many, are one body, so also is Christ.” (1 Corinthians 12:12)

What does this mean? It means, YOU are the Church because you are part of the body of Christ. There are many denomination, there are many different groups that worship together but at the end of the day those who believe in Christ are Christian, period.

I suppose a better question to ask is, “Do you believe in Jesus?”

Be bold and do not hesitate when answering this question. While the first question may be full of confusion, believing in Jesus is a simpler answer. Either you do, or you don’t. If you believe in Jesus, then you are Christian.

So I ask, “Do you believe in Jesus?”

Be Blessed, Kay H

In Response to Violence Against the Black Community




In light of recent events involving police brutality against the black community, it is important to remember God’s mercy and compassion. God is truly the only person that can save our country at this time. It is equally important for the church to get involved and take a stance for justice, brotherly love, and forgiveness. Proverbs is full of wisdom that will attest to the presence the church should have and actions Christians should have with regards to prejudice against communities of individuals.

Often acts that are committed against others are spurned by feelings of hatred, jealously, and fear. When you live in these feelings you are led by an impure spirit and cannot focus on treating your neighbor as you would like to be treated. Proverbs 10:12 says, “Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all offense.”

It is hard to love someone when they have wronged you. It is hard to love others when your family members are shot in the street and there is no conviction. Yet, as Christians we must still extend love to our neighbors. We have to forgive them as God has forgiven us. All of our transgressions are wiped away because of our faith in God. This does not make it any easier to love those who tear down communities of people, but it should restore your soul to know that God will vindicate you for, “Evildoers do not understand what is right, but those who seek the LORD understand it fully.” Proverbs 28:5.

Those who do evil and get away with it will not prosper in the end! God always fights the battles of those who are righteous. Leviticus 19:15 says, “Do not pervert justice; do not show partiality to the poor or favoritism to the great, but judge your neighbor fairly.” And Proverbs 21:15 reminds us that, “when justice is done, it brings joy to the righteous but terror to evildoers.” Praise God for those two affirmations. We are not to stop justice from coming to fruition. Those who do wrong will be terrified by the justice that will be served.

This is the time to let God work. Pray over your family. Pray for the families of your neighbors. Call on God for healing and understanding. Call on God to give you compassion.

Proverbs 15:1

A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.

Instead of seeking revenge we must turn away and respond in love, compassion, and understanding. As a follower of Christ we know our victory lies in heaven and no one can take that from us. We must remember to love our neighbor and uplift our communities. We must band together and with prayer we can overcome all oppression that is directed to the marginalized people groups.

Be Blessed, Kay H