In my father’s house

When Jesus was a little boy traveling with his
Family they left him behind. They traveled a whole day without him. When they realized that he was not amongst them they panicked. They went back looking for him. They found him in. A synagogue. Surrounded by men of God teaching them the word of God. When asked he said “Didn’t you know I would be in my fathers house?”

Fast foreword to when Jesus became a man. When he entered into the church and saw people. Saying lots selling things he became enraged kicking over tables and chasing ppl with a whip. He was grieved at what he saw. They made his fathers house into a market.

Even jesus found corruption and greed within the church and he was greatly vexed by it.
That being said find a church that doesn’t have those things because they are out there. Don’t let that be the reason why you don’t have a relationship with God. Don’t forsake the assembly. Pray for the right church home for he will give it to you.

Jesus did the majority of his life’s work and ministry from outside the confines of the church …. Jesus constantly brought to light the dysfunction amongst the Pharisees and sadducees. Men of God were constantly at his rebuke. Even with all that being said we let backwards church members and greedy corrupt churches chase us away from having a relationship with God but he didn’t let that stop his work. If you are to be a true follower of him take up his cross. Being a Christian happens outside of the church. It’s in our everyday actions and interactions. As difficult as it may be. You are an ambassador for Christ so even though there are jusgenebtsl Pharisees and Sadducees all around you and folk that are turning his house into a marketplace. Those people will face consequences all in their own. You remember to Be vigiliaint and spread the gospel. Be a fisher of men.

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