Who do you believe in?

Who do you believe in?

Would you say that ISIS properly represents the Muslim faith?

Would you say that by that logic than anyone who holds the Muslim belief is foolish because of ISIS and the shedding of innocent blood?

By no means!

Those individuals who are misrepresentations of Muslims. I know for sure Muslims do not believe in the shedding of innocent blood.  Nor do they want to be associated with ISIS.

So can this same logic be applied to 17th century Slave masters?

Absolutely! A terrorist is a terrorist.

Faith Defense Ministries was placed here for those who want to seek out Christianity or get a better understanding of what they believe.  By all means if you don’t believe in our faith we love and accept you regardless.

One should never be made to feel bad or personally insulted for the things of which they believe.

It’s fair to say that slave owners in the 17th century were speaking for themselves and not for all Christians and did not have a comprehensive understanding of what Christianity means. I’m sure the free labor was motivation enough to confuse and manipulate individuals.

Although these things did happen to our people and we must never forget the tragedies that occurred and aftershock and effects on our culture. We must understand that there is a separation of someone who misuses and abuses their belief system to gain leverage over people and the actual fundaments of Christianity.

The moral of this story is your faith should never lie on the actions of an individuals, a group of individuals or a systematic oppression system. Know the difference between faith in God and faith in man.

Somebody ought to tell him thanks