How did Jesus (Yeshua) really look?


In continuation to the previous series dispelling common misconceptions about Christianity lets go further into something else that has been a topic of discussion and a strain for African American Christians; White Jesus

Yes I did go there! now let’s explore. In the bible Jesus was described as having feet (skin) being like brass, burned in a furnace ( brown skin ) and hair like wool. So why do we see this blond haired blue eyed Jesus in all the pictures

Leonardo da Vinci painted an image of Jesus as white. The bad thing was, he based that image on Cesare Borgia, who was the son of Pope Alexander the 6th of Rome. Cesare Borgia was a very evil man.

Deception, yes its true the picture you see before you is not and could not possibly be Jesus. Common geography and etymology would tell you that Europeans were nowhere near the area during the time of Jesus’ birth.  In 2016 anyone with access to a computer or a smart phone and just a second’s worth of time could see that the oldest picture of Jesus is of a black Hebrew Israelite. They called him the beardless prophet.

Because of mistaken identity due to corruption that does not mean the person never existed there have been archaeological finds to this day that prove his life. Including the recent discovery of the shroud that they placed over his face that corroborates the story that Jesus clearly did not have European features.

Let’s talk about how that does not matter. Though yes representation matters. I don’t focus on his outward appearance because for one I refuse to allow myself to be sucked into arguments of superficial things.  When I view Jesus I like to imagine him with a face so bright I cannot see. Why? Haven’t you been taught it’s not what’s on the outside but what’s within that matters?

So to me it does not matter how he looked but the content and the depth of his message. I love Jesus’ sense of humor. Yes, I feel he had a sense of humor because he would ask questions to answers that he already knew to get the audience to think. He would also speak in a way that people would not understand Parables in order to get people to see how everything is relative.  Also we all know there was no letter J in the Hebrew library that is why his proper name was not Jesus but Yeshua. Again this is like a rose by any other name you know?

I’m only here to clear misconceptions as this is Faith Defense Ministries we want you to get an understanding of your faith and a resource to point those that use this as a means to discourage you from your beliefs to have a rebuttal and at all costs allowing the truth to make you free.

That’s not what you need to be taking away from his life sacrifice and death. What you need to take away from his life is that he lived his life taught us how to relate to one another, how to treat the church, how to be accepting of one another. His life also taught us that even up until your final moment of life if you repent and confess you will be saved. Jesus taught us how to behave in the church and how to rely on our heavenly father to provide for us and that we must pray every day and that temptation is always going to be there no matter how high and mighty you may be.  Jesus taught us that in his weakness even he felt abandoned by God that’s a very normal feeling but know that he will never leave us or forsake us .

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What is my Purpose????



Let’s just get down to the meat and potatoes of why we are here.
Our mission is for you who at home that is reading this to gain a comprehensive and profound understanding of your faith. To make your own judgements, to do your own research about these topics. We only seek to stimulate your thought patterns and seek out knowledge, the bible says, with all thy getting get understanding.
As of late there have been an overwhelming amount of individuals who have found themselves lost in the middle of their beliefs. Stuck at a crossroads in their life with so much information age at hand, a plethora of resources available that one may become overwhelmed in what to believe in. I too found myself at one-point questioning if what I believed in was right for me and why it was right for me. I am forever grateful for that experience because had it not been for that experience I could not stand here today firm in my beliefs with my whole heart knowing that I can give my all. I fully encourage you to go out and challenge ideas, find the truth and let the truth set you free. I will say this, if you find that Christianity is not for you let me be the first to say if you never hear it again:
We at Faith Defense Ministries love you anyway and most importantly God loves you no matter what!
My desire is to serve the lord and to show exactly what being a Christian means to me in every way. I plan to debunk common misconceptions and to answer any questions for those who are diligently seeking truth.
One common misconception that I want to address right here and now is that the bible has many contradictions. This was one of my major defenses that I used to regurgitate to people when discussing the bible, until I was faced by a friend who asked the question “what part is contradictory?”
For once I was forced to be held accountable for the words that I was speaking. So let’s explore that a little more deeply. The main argument is that the new testament is different from the old testament. This is because up until Jesus birth there were prophet’s men of god but as the prophet John said (whom many believed at one point was the messiah) “I Baptize you with water but one who is more powerful than I will come, the straps of whose sandals I am not worthy to untie. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.” Luke 3:16
Certain rules were put in place for safety such as not touching dead bodies (avoiding communicable diseases or eating shrimp again for health purposes) most of these rules were based on Man’s comprehensive understanding of what God wants for us. When Christ came, he came to establish the law. He came to show us how we are to relate to one another loving and accepting each other. We are to first love one another, we are not to judge each other and we are to love the Lord with all our hearts and all of our minds.
Another stigma that has been placed on believers is that Christians are judgmental in nature. One of the main things that Christ said in his teachings was “to judge not lest ye be judged. “Christ  would always fellowship with sinners and loved and never judged them. If you have ever felt the pain of judgement of someone who is representing Christ, I’m truly sorry and that person is confused and misled please forgive them. Know that we here at Faith Defense Ministries stand for something greater, we go to the battlegrounds for you. In fact, the only time I will correct someone in love is when I see someone that is using the name of the Lord to beat and berate non-believers because I feel that it is counterproductive and off putting.
We have a responsibility as believers to be fishers of men. I have had heart to heart conversations with Catholics that stand outside of abortion clinics and other Christian groups who condemn others. I will always speak up whenever I feel that someone is a stumbling block or making even one person feel that they cannot come to Christ because that is the exact opposite of what He wants you to feel.
Right now whatever it is you are going through, whatever your belief or lack thereof, whatever hang-ups or weaknesses, whatever your addictions, whatever your sexual orientation I want you to know that no matter what man has told you there is a God that loves you more than you can even imagine. A God that wants you to carry whatever burdens you have to him, a God that is patient and long suffering with you and there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop him from being your heavenly father and from loving you.
There is so much in formation that I yearn to share with you. In the end this is the beginning of a several- part series on Christianity. So stay tuned because we have a lot of bases to cover!
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